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Our Story...

In 2006 my family and I opened A Yuppy Puppy Grooming Salon.  My name is Sharon, I grew up around a grooming shop since my mom was and still does do some grooming even in retirement now. My daughters Krystal and Bethany have grown up around grooming and showing dogs as well, they are both working alongside me everyday. We are above industry standards and attend continuing education workshops, seminars and trade shows.  We hand dry (not cage dried) as well as hand scissor if that is your preference( pending coat condition) and do our best to give you and your pet a pleasant and no- stress experience.

We love what we do and strive to give your pet(dog or cat) the best experience in grooming in a relaxed, clean, safe, and healthy environment. We enjoy not only knowing your fur baby, but knowing you and the pleasure of seeing your families grow up with your pets. Our clients we feel are a big part of our lives, we cherish our relationships with them everyday.  Our shop is established in the community, it is open and inviting so dogs can roam, romp and play if that is what you and your pet prefer.  Since not every pet likes to socialize, we have dog runs as well as crates located where we can see everything to ensure safety.  We take pride in our work and love watching the dogs not only leave happily, but come in our door looking forward to seeing us as much as we look forward to seeing them.  Not every pet loves to be groomed, but we do hope they feel comfortable while in our care. 

We hope you and your pet enjoy visits to our shop every time, open communication between us is so important and one of the reasons we hope to be your groomer for the life of your pet and beyond.  Last year we added a boutique area to the shop, it has been a fun addition with unique items and recently we brought in Orijen pet food along with its sister line Acana. These are two of the best foods for your pet on the market today, lots of information is available if you are interested, we are always happy to help assist and answer questions.

I (Sharon) am available Tuesday through Friday from 7:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m. , please contact me for your next appointment.  I look forward to talking with you!

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